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The Foundation's History

The Secure Contain Protect Foundation's history is shrouded in mystery. With many theories and myths pertaining to its founding in circulation, involving everything from the Angel who guarded the Garden of Eden to a supernatural post-Civil War Factory. Although its true origins may never be known, what can be known for certain is that the Foundation first became active in the early 19th century, and by the 20th was recognized by most sovereign nations. Its goal is to facilitate the containment and study of anomalous creatures, locations, objects or events across the world, and to understand their purpose, function, and motives; be they good or evil.

  • After the First World War, the Foundation facilitated the creation of a Task Force simply known as the "Insurgency" which would carry out most of the Foundation's more questionable activities, this Task Force was deployed as earliest as 1925.
  • Following the events of the Second World War and concurrent Seventh Occult War, the Global Occult Coalition was formed to help the nations of the world combat against anomalous events that they could control without Foundation intervention, however both groups would work with one another on occasion.
  • During 1948, in an act of rebellion, the Insurgency betrayed the foundation and went AWOL. They stole several SCPs and renamed themselves the "Chaos Insurgency".
  • During the course of the 20th century, the Foundation continued to follow its mission statement, containing thousands of anomalous entities while coming into contact with other competing groups.
  • From the 1950s to the 1980s, the Foundation would also discover the reemergence of Sarkicism, with devastating anomalies in Europe such as SCP-610 and SCP-2191-3, as well as cults like Adytum's Wake and The Hunter's Black Lodge spreading their influence across the world.
  • In addition, the Foundation discovered several anomalies tied to an ancient eldritch being, for which they would have to perform some of it's more questionable procedures.
  • In 2007 the Foundation would discover Anderson Robotics, a corporation that develops advanced androids and artificial intelligences, using advanced fly-like drones to spy on the Foundation.

Ranking and Structure

All Foundation personnel are sworn to secrecy and are expected to be loyal and professional in their duties, not letting personal matters or superstition cloud their judgment.

Usually, the SCP Foundation is led by the Overseer Council aka the O5 Council. The O5 Council generally consists of 13 people who are only defined as O5-1 through O5-13. The Council has unlimited access to all files and reports without any redacted or expunged data. The Council usually makes serious decisions concerning anomalies that posess existential threats to humanity or the universe at large, though their influence extends into many other matters. It is often speculated that the O5s may be anomalies themselves.

The Ethics Committee also wields a lot of power inside the Foundation. Most personnel considers the Ethics Committee as a joke or myth, but in reality, the leaders of this Committee are described to have the same power as the O5s, if not even more. They hide in plain sight and maintain some authority over the O5 Council. The Committee decides what is ethically acceptable for the Foundation to do, within the bounds of its Mission Statement. For example: In one canon they designed the infamous Procedure 110-Montauk. Most of our version of the Committee comes from the story Ethics Committee Orientation.

Site Directors are high-ranking researchers that oversee the many Foundation sites around the world. They often have Assistant Directors of different expertise that assist them inside the facilities. Site Directors are also usually the highest-ranking officials who still have a full name and not a numeric designation, unlike the O5 Council.

Mobile Task Forces, or MTFs, are the Foundation's most effective and skilled personnel. They can be anything from scientists and researchers to elite special forces soldiers (The most common variant used in stories or media about the SCP Universe). Mobile Task Forces are, as the name suggests, mobile and can operate on either Containment Sites or in the field. They usually deal with the most dangerous anomalies, where the more common field and recovery agents might lack knowledge or training. MTF units generally have specialties. For example: MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") is specified in tracking anomalous electronic devices, technology, and transmission, and either try to contain or block them. The most famous/infamous Mobile Task Force is MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"), which consists of the Foundation's best and most loyal operatives and employees. Despite this, MTF Alpha-1 is often connected to the creation of the Chaos Insurgency, a rival organization that seeks to destroy the Foundation.

The Researchers are Doctors and Scientists that research on the anomalies. Their duties can vary from experimentation on the anomalies to developing Special Containment Procedures. Security clearances and ranks also vary from simple Research Assistants to Site-Directors and everything in between. The expertise of researchers can vary from different scientific fields like technology to zoology or different anomalous field. An example of the ladder is that Dr. Judith Low is specialized with anomalies that relate to Grand Karcist Ion and his following, Sarkicism.

The Containment Specialists are employees who design and uphold the Special Containment Procedures of anomalies. Containment Specialists can be anything from technicians to doctors to security personnel, and these duties often overlap with other ranks.

The facilities of the Foundation employs Security Personnel that serves as the primary defense force indoors. Their duties rank from guarding anomalies to serving as bodyguards for higher-ranking officials. Their duty often overlaps with Containment Specialists and MTF's.

Field Agents are responsible for detecting anomalies in the outside world. They can be placed in any organization, whether it's a government, a company, or a military or law enforcement organization. They serve as eyes and ears and contact the Foundation when something anomalous is detected.

Recovery Teams are usually called in by Field Agents when an anomaly is found. They are responsible for capturing the anomaly and transporting it back to a Foundation-owned facility. As mentioned before, with more dangerous anomalies MTF's are sent in.

The Class-D Personnel are the lowest ranking staff of the Foundation. Usually recruited from convicted criminals, especially the death row criminals. They often serve as human test-subjects with anomalies, be it on facilities or in the field. Other groups and civilian organizations see this usually as a human-rights violation, though the Foundation sees this as necessary. In some cases when the Foundation is running out of D-Class and none of death row prisoners are available, they may enable Protocol 12, which recruit Class-D personnel through prisoners who have committed less serious crimes, refugee populations, or any other civilian sources.

The Foundation does also employs more mundane staff such as communication specialists, kitchen staff, accounting, archives, janitorial staff, and electricians, who do not work directly with anomalies but are vital in day-to-day operations.