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Site Command
Job Role
Site director.png
Site Director
The Site Director holds ultimate authority over every aspect of daily operations at their assigned site. They are tasked with ensuring that their site is working towards Foundation interests and carrying out any directives given to them by the O5 council, if applicable. Most low-ranking site employees have never seen the Site Director as they usually operate from the administration sector where they meet with other high-ranking staff.
Admin director.png
Administration Director
The Administration Director acts as the direct assistant of the Site Director in the day-to-day operations of the facility. They are required to ensure that the interests of the Foundation are carried out according to the O5 Council directives.
Comms officer.png
Communications Officer
The Communications Officer is the direct line of communication between the various departments on-site and the command staff. They're tasked with dispatching the necessary personnel to any cases on-site, lest all hell breaks loose.
Security Department
Job Role
Security director.png
Security Operations Director
The Security Operations Director is the overseer of on-site security, tasked with ensuring the safety of command personnel and key personnel staff. In the case of an emergency, they are expected to maintain the integrity of the site by any means necessary, while ensuring that key personnel remain safe and alive until dispatched Mobile Task Force Units arrive.
Security lieutenant.png
Security Lieutenant
The Security Lieutenant is the iron fist of the security department. Where the Security Operations DIrector is an old desk jockey, you've still got some years of shooting ahead of you. Direct the guards and delegate to your sergeant where necessary. Keep the site secure and the SCPs the same at all costs. Keep your men close and your gun closer. Preferably without the barrel facing towards you.
Security sergeant.png
Security Sergeant
The Security Sergeant is a senior guard, tasked with enforcing the Lieutenant's orders. Grizzled and experienced, you've weathered the horrors of the foundation long enough to rise the ranks. Remember, you're the physical manifestation of the Lieutenant's commands- if you're not there to keep things locked down during a crisis, then the men shall surely panic. Pass down the orders and maintain discipline.
Security guard.png
Security Guard
A Security Guard is tasked with escorting D-Class and watching them for riots and contraband, protecting researchers, and lastly... protecting the S.C.P objects. That means keeping them in their cells and following orders. The life expectancy of a guard is only slightly better than a D-Class- best chance of staying alive is keeping your mouth shut and drowning out the ethical concerns with whiskey if you're ever allowed a break.
Security cadet.png
Security Cadet
A Security Cadet is a starry-eyed rookie, not yet acquainted with the Foundation intimately enough for promotion, and still learning the basics. You'll probably get some pointless patrol or stand outside the D-Block all day. The horrors are yet to come. Try not to get chewed out by your Sergeant and don't lose your head. Literally. The ideal role to learn how to play Security.
Engineering Department
Job Role
Engineering director.png
Engineering Director
The Engineering Director is entrusted with having their department maintain all containment cells throughout the facility to avoid any outbreak. In the case of an outbreak they're tasked with assisting the security department in recontainment efforts while maintaining power throughout the station.
Team leader.png
Team Leader
The Team Leader leads their engineering team under the leadership of the Engineering Director within their assigned zones. They're required to have the ability to lead their teams independently to ensure their zone stays intact if there is a communications blackout, therefore the hiring of Engineering Team Leaders is a very rigorous process.
Containment engineer.png
Containment Engineer
The Containment Engineers are charged with maintaining, building, and rebuilding containment cells to house temporary and permanent SCPs. In the case of an outbreak, containment engineers may be tasked to assist Security with recontainment efforts until Mobile Task Force Units are deployed.
Facility engineer.png
Facility Engineer
Facility Engineers are tasked with keeping the facility infrastructure and machinery in proper working order and maintaining the power supply to all essential machinery. In the case of an emergency they may get tasked with assisting containment engineering in containment efforts.
Engineer aide.png
Engineer Aide
The Engineer Aides assist other engineering personnel as and when they are needed, learning the basics of the department as they do so. In an emergency, they help where they can.
Medical Department
Job Role
Medical director.png
Medical Director
The Medical Director is charged with coordinating his department towards ensuring that all on-site personnel remain breathing and in good health. They are expected to properly prioritize and categorize personnel based on their importance towards site integrity. They're further expected to reassign their department personnel through the various zones based on need.
Attending Physician
Attending Physicians are fully qualified with plenty of experience, they're expected to be very knowledgable in the field of medicine. Most importantly, Attending Physicians teach and advise the Interns and Residents under them, preparing the less-experienced physicians for any emergency.
Fellows are fully-trained physicians that have completed a residency, having chosen to undergo additional training in a certain specialty. Due to the complex nature of anomalous medicine, this is often necessary for Foundation-employed doctors.
Medical Residents are physicians-in-training, learning their specialty of choice from those more experienced than them. They assist the senior physicians, and will often be tasked with overseeing minor procedures.
Medical intern.png
Medical Intern
The Medical Interns are new residents, fresh out of medical school. Although book smart, they're a long way from earning a medical license. They have very little practical knowledge and are expected to pick it up through their time in the department.
Research Department
Job Role
Research director.png
Research Director
The Research Director heads the Research Department and is tasked with writing and archiving reports pertaining to the SCPs housed on-site. They're to research tools and technologies to help the Foundation in capturing more SCPs and continue their fight against the various hostile factions.
Senior researcher.png
Senior Researcher
Junior researcher.png
Junior Researcher
Research student.png
Research Student
Class Disposable
Job Role