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Your First First Day

Welcome to Containment Site 24, the SCP Foundation's latest endeavour into the temporary transit, containment, and study of otherwise unhoused anomalies at this current time. Due to the unique nature of the site's operation, many anomalies pass through on a daily basis - either on transit to other sites or to be housed in long-term confinement until one becomes available.

As such, the SCP Foundation has initiated the Modular Site Initiative, a re-branded; and upgraded version of our previous venture, the Modular Site Project. Of course, this may raise a few alarms, but the SCP Foundation assures employees all previous incidents involving the Modular Site Project were due to inherent flaws in the containment units themselves, and not the overarching project. Any personnel who claim otherwise should be reported to Site Command for administering of Class-B Amnestics.

Due to the unique structural patterns of the Site, personnel are encouraged to ignore any seeming spatial anomalies, unless they are in a confirmed area where spatial anomalies have been known to occur, at which point, they are to contact their Local Section Leader for further orders.

Welcome to Site 24. You're safe here.

A current roster of all contained SCP Objects on-site can be found below.